Your MC and Mastermind behind TGR Seminars, and one of Australia’s freshest wealth creation experts, Stuart teaches over 8,000 people each year from his vast storehouse of knowledge.

Discover why thousands across the country credit his speaking, leadership and knowledge with massive improvements in their
wealth and life.

Stuart is the best-selling author and creator of the Think And Grow Rich® book series, The New Way To Make Money In book series and co-author of three separate books on Sales, Leadership and Public Speaking.

As a successful business owner of over 20 years, Stuart also actively practices several of the strategies our experts teach.

“After attending my first Seminar with Stuart Zadel, I was astounded at the result I achieved in
such a short period. The learning’s I gained from these experts found my income nearly doubling in just 8 weeks from the seminar.”

Brett West, Adelaide

“Stuart has really helped me to get traction on my journey to financial freedom. I have been able to maintain an additional income of around $1000 a month, whilst living a normal lifestyle and maintaining full time work, achieved within 5 months of seeing Stuart live.”

Thomas Kovacs, Brisbane